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To find the specific Solid State Micro Technology datasheet, search okDatasheet by part number or component description. You will be presented with a list of all matching parts with SSM datasheets. Click on any listed electronic component to see more details including any specs.

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SSM2033 Voltage controlled oscillator
SSM2300 8 channel multiplexed sample and hold
SSM2024 Quad current controlled amplifier
SSM2013 Voltage controlled amplifier
SSM2056 Voltage controlled transient generator
SSM2045 Music voicing system
SSM2022 Dual linear-antilog voltage controlled amplifier
SSM2020 Dual linear-antilog voltage controlled amplifier
SSM2044 4-pole voltage controlled filter


Originally Solid State Music Technology, which changed when ownership changed; subsequently bought out by PMI, who was then acquired by Analog Devices, the current owner.

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