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VV5430C001 CCIR/EIA enchanced monochrome analog video image sensor
STV0672 Companion USB co-processor
STV-DCA/CIF-E01 Digital camera evaluation kit for STV0680/STV0680A+VV6410
STV-USB/CIF-R01 USB chipset, CIF resolution reference design kit
STV5404E-001 Evaluation kit for VV5404 sensor
STV-6301-E01 Evaluation kit (colour)
VV5300 Integrated CMOS image sensor with on-chip ADC
VV6301B001 Colour digital video CMOS image sensor
STV-5301-R01 Reference design board for (mono) 5301 sensor
STV-5410/5500-E01 Sensor only evaluation kit for VV6410C036 & VV6500-C048
VV5410C036 Microlensed CIF monochrome sensor
STV-5301-R01 Reference design board for 5301 monochrome sensor
VV5409B001 CMOS sensor
STV0680-001 Companion processor
VV5430 Integrated CMOS image sensor with support for ADC and external control via serial interface
STV0680B-001 Digital stills companion co-processor
VV5301B001 QSIF monochrome sensor
VV0670P001 Colour Processor Interface ASIC
STV-5301-E01 Evaluation kit (monochrome)
VV5301B001 Monochrome digital video CMOS image sensor
VV6404C001-B2 CIF resolution colour digital CMOS image sensor
STV0680A-002 Companion processor
VV6850 Monolithic sensor with support for external FPN cancellation
VV5404C001 CIF resolution monochrome digital CMOS image sensor
STV-USB/CIF-R02 Reference design board for VV6410C036 & STV067-001
STV-USB/VGA-R01 USB chipset, VGA resolution reference design kit
VV6444C001 CIF image sensor (5V)
STV-5410-R01 Reference design board for VV6410C036


VLSI Vision Ltd. (acquired by STMicroelectronics in early 1999) is a leading designer and supplier of CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensors, conceiving and developing a technology that offers maximum scope for integrating image capture and image processing on the same silicon chip. Its products have been successfully utilised in a wide variety of applications, including desktop video conferencing, digital still cameras, security, biometrics, automotive systems and toys.

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