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LD3514-8 8-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier
LD3300-16 16-channel programmable +5V,-3V, MR head preamplifier
LD3514-6 6-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier
LD3511-4 4-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier
LD4200 NEWPORT 100-550Mb/sec data rate operation; 3.3V (+-5%) power suppply
LC15-TR03 Serial ATA PHY - 1.5Gbps transceiver
LD3501-2 2-channel +5V, MR head preamplifier
LD4100 EEPR4 read/write controller
LD3501-6 6-channel +5V, MR head preamplifier
LD3501-4 4-channel +5V, MR head preamplifier
LC25GR00-04/-08 The PHY-er-chip R - 2.5Gbps/Sec fiber channel repeater
LD7015 3.3V spindle/VCM COMBO chip
LI10MP00 LSI imaging/audio 50-mega pixels device with single CMOS/CCD image sensor interface
LD-LLC-0001-050 Serial ATA IP CORE
LD3514-4 4-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier
LD7000 +5V; 12V spindle/VCM controller and Pre-driver
LD4300 GALAXY 150-850Mb/sec data rate operation; 3.3V (+-5%) power suppply
LD3300-12 12-channel programmable +5V,-3V, MR head preamplifier
LD3300-10 10-channel programmable +5V,-3V, MR head preamplifier
LD9004 4-port 10/100/1000Mbps layer 2 ethernet switch
LD3501-16 16-channel +5V, MR head preamplifier
LD3501-8 8-channel +5V, MR head preamplifier
LD7000 +5V; 12V spindle/VCM controller and Pre-driver
LD3300-2 2-channel programmable +5V,-3V, MR head preamplifier
LD3600-4 4-channel +5V, -5V MR head preamplifier
LD3511-8 8-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier
LD3300-6 6-channel programmable +5V,-3V, MR head preamplifier
LD3514-2 2-channel +5V, +8V GMR head preamplifier




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