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ZMM36 Surface mount silicon-Z-diode
B125C3200-2200 Silicon bridge rectifier
BY550-800 Silicon rectifier
BZV58C100 Silicon power Z-diode
KBPC3508F/W Silicon bridge rectifier
1N5382B Silicon power Z-diode
P6KE22 Transient voltage suppressor diode
FE2E Superfast silicon rectifier
KBPC1512F/W Silicon bridge rectifier
SM4002 Surface mount Si rectifier
B40C5000-3300 Silicon bridge rectifier
BZW04-15 Transient voltage suppressor diode
1.5KE160A Unidirectional and bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode
B500C5000-3300 Silicon bridge rectifier
DAN601 Small signal diode array
DB35-12 3-phase Si bridge rectifier
RGL34B Fast switching surface Si rectifier
SFE1D Superfast switching surface mount Si bridge rectifier
ZY47 Silicon power Z-diode
ZX24 Silicon power Z-diode
1N5369B Silicon power Z-diode
BY550-100 Silicon rectifier
P4KE110 Transient voltage suppressor diode
DBI15-14 3-phase Si bridge rectifier
BA157 Fast silicon rectifier
ZPD3.9 Silicon Z-diode
1.5KE200A Unidirectional and bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode
P600G Silicon restifier


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