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DA0816 20-700MHz GaAs 1 section attenuator
DAT51995 2000MHz GaAs 5 section attenuator
DPMB9058 10-500MHz pulse modulator
DAT69051 400MHz GaAs 6 section attenuator
DAT41944 2000MHz GaAs 4 section attenuator
100C0911 20-300MHz PIN diode linear VCA
DA0757 10-1000MHz GaAs 5 section attenuator
DS0950 5-400MHz schottky diode SPST
100C1575 150-250MHz PIN diode linear VCA
DA0760 100-1000MHz PIN diode 5 section attenuator
DBP0938 10-500MHz GaAs Bi-phase modulator
DA0735 20-300MHz PIN diode linear VCA
DAT51995 1-1200MHz GaAs 5 section attenuator
DA0960-1 3000MHz fixed attenuator
DA0960-3 3000MHz fixed attenuator
DPS42029 500-1000MHz phase shifter 4 section
DAT15073 200-600MHz 1 section attenuator
DSW16282 10-1000MHz GaAs SPST
DA0857 10-1000MHz GaAs 5 section attenuator
CDS0651 20-1500MHz GaAs SPST
DA0879 800-1200MHz PIN diode 1 section attenuator
DAT36217 0.10-150MHz 3 section attenuator
DSW16282 750-1250MHz switch SPST
DA0243 50-1300MHz PIN diode linear VCA
DA0984-1 10-1000MHz GaAs 4 section attenuator
CDA0666 600-1400MHz PIN diode attenuator 7 section
DA0886 10-1000MHz GaAs 6 section attenuator
DA0960-2 3000MHz fixed attenuator


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